Shimagami Rie 島上理絵(しまがみ・りえ)

Shimagami Rie is an original character created by our resident artist Lax to be the face of the Island of the EterNity community!

You can call her Rie or I-chan (Island Chan).

Rie is a cute monger kouhai of Phos who likes to stare at her because of her unusual complexity. She often ask Phos about it but always refuse to give an answer. She has a bright personality and very serious at the same time, when something pique her interest she will definitely do everything she can to get the answer or result she wants. On Phos’ graduation day she told Rie about the secret club called Island of Eternity

“If you join the club, you might find the answer you want.” said Phos before leaving the campus.

Hearing her senpai’s parting words, the cute determined curious monger began her research a month later and end up meeting one of the admins of the club.

“I want to join this shady club and find the truth about Phos senpai’s complexity!” said Rie with her glistening eyes.

But everything isn’t smooth as she thought when the admin replied.

“I’ll let you join the club if you agree of this condition.” Rie was taken aback but for some reason she muttered.

“And that condition is?”

“Become our next mascot.”

To celebrate her introduction,

we will be releasing more Rie themed emojis in the month of December!

Art Tag: #riechan
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