Paper Chan’s Little Guide to Minecraft Client optimization!

Another attempt to expose more people to paper chan

Step 1. Install Fabric

We will be using Fabric mod loader for this guide. There is also Forge if you are more familiar with that.

  • Download Fabric from Fabric website
  • Install Fabric. (The default path and version should already be selected for you. Just hit Install)

Step 2. Launch Minecraft

For the sake of simplicity, all example shown here are with the Vanilla Minecraft Launcher

  • If step 1 is successful, you should have the option to launch fabric.

  • Launch the game ONCE and this allow the game to generate the necessary folders (This is important).
  • Upon successful launch, you can close up the game to continue the next step.

Step 3. Locate the Mods Folder

All mods that you are going to download below go into the mods folder of your Minecraft client’s root folder

  • Open up the launcher and locate the installations tab and click on the folder icon to open it up.

  • Locate the mods folder and double click inside.

Return to the main page now for Mod suggestions…

Step 4. Move the jar file into the mods Folder and launch the game!

After gathering all the mods that you want to use, simply drop in the jar file into the mods folder mentioned above and launch the game!

  • Ensure that all the mods you downloaded match the version of Minecraft you are trying to play.
  • Your mods folder should look similar to this.

After launching the game without errors (hopefully), all available options should be in Video Settings, with additional functionality of other mods using their own hotkeys (You can usually find the hotkeys in Controls tab).

If you are here only for the client optimization and FPS boost, you can stop at this point.

Step Extra: Obtain Quality of Life & Gameplay Enhancement Mods

The additional Mods suggested here would bring more gameplay enhancements to the table; however, some players consider this as unfair gameplay advantages.

For me personally, I do not mind the enhancements as I think it brings conveniences and fixes certain issues in vanilla that makes the game harder for beginners… I will leave it to you to make your own judgement about these mods!

Please note that the mods listed below is my personally curated list of mods that I use.
They may introduce a performance hit. Do not use them if your hardware is dated or on a budget rig.

Always check for updates on the mods you install for possible bug fixes and more performance boost!

Step Extra Extra: Obtain Shaders for Iris

Here are some popular shaders and some of my personal favorites.

Step Extra Extra Extra: Obtain Resource Packs

Here are some popular Resource packs suggestions (Mainly for connected textures and glasses)

For those advanced user who want to use an alternative launcher that makes manage different versions of Minecraft easier, please check out MultiMC.

Closing Notes

This guide is primarily made for my own community Island of EterNity so it is aim to be as basic as possible, Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions on improvements and adding additional mods to the list. Thank you very much!