Paper Chan’s Little Guide to Fix Your Nether Farm

Another excuse for more paper chan

Introductions / Background

Hello there! You are here because you build a Nether farm and it is not working.
Don’t worry Paper Chan have got you covered!


In order to troubleshoot your nether farm, please make sure you meet all requirements listed below.

  • You have basic reading skill, able to do basic algebra and ability to follow instructions.
  • You have OP permission or backend console access.

Last updated: January 6, 2020

Step by Step troubleshoot

Please follow this step by step from the top to bottom as I’ve ordered it in such a way in order to cover every possible scenarios.

0. Ensure your paper is up-to-date.

Why does this matter?

Paper fixes bugs relatively quickly, using the latest release will ensure no potential already fixed bugs exist in your server.

  • Please visit for the latest build.
    (Some host would cache paper builds and display it as latest when it’s not, manually checking is always the best practice)

1. Check biome

Open F3 Menu and check the biome.

  • For Zombified Piglin farm, ensure the entity of the farm is built within Nether Wastes
    (The farm will work somewhat in other biomes aside from Warped Forest in which no hostile mob will spawn)
  • For Wither Skeketon Farm, ensure the farm is built inside Nether Fortress

2. Check world difficulty

Difficulty is per world so please double check the difficulty in the Nether.

  • While inside Nether, type /difficulty hard
  • To run this commend while in other world, type /execute in nether run difficulty hard
    If you have Essentialsx installed, type /execute in minecraft:the_nether run difficulty hard instead.
  • If you are on console, type in the above commend but without the /
    When successfully ran, you will either get the following prompt or successful set difficulty to hard.

3. Ensure your farm isnt outdated.

Major/minor changes to farm designs happens on each Minecraft version, please make sure you are using the most efficient one for your server’s native version.

  • In the time of this writing, on 1.17.1, the most efficient farm is the donut with manual aggro trigger.
  • If you are using turtle egg as lure, ensure that
    • There are a minimum of two full block height on top of turtle egg
    • A clear light of sight for piglin to see the turtle egg (Check line of sight with F3 + B)
Not working example (half block and 1 and half blocks)

Working example (2 full blocks)

4. Ensure per-player-mob-spawn is set to true.

As of Paper 1.17.1 Build 232 (Tuinity Merge Patch), the default should have been set to true.

Double check anyway!!
  • You can locate this config in paper.yml. Ensure it is set to true.

5. Check your mobcaps

  • Utilize /paper mobcaps and /paper playermobcaps for additional details on mob spawning around a player. It is especially useful for finding errors on the spawnproofing. For more details on this feature click me.
  • If your mob cap is already full while your farm has no mobs, it means that you have failed the task to spawn proof the entire active area around the farm. Fix it!

6. Double check server configs.

Not all servers are running the default value (In fact, most of the big server altered the config one way or another), please double check every single mentioned config in the link below and make necessary adjustment if needed.

7. Test without plugin.

Sometimes plugin may interduce unwanted behavior and if all above steps have been properly followed, it is left with this possibility.

  • Simply rename your plugin folder to _plugin and boot up the server to verify the functionality of the farm.
  • If the farm start to work after the removal of plugins, perform a Binary Search on all your plugins.
    • First, divide all your plugins into two groups. Start the server with only half of them and check if issue persist.
      • If the issue is fixed, the problematic plugin is on the other group.
      • If the issue if not fixed, the problematic plugin is on the current group.
    • Further divide the problematic group into another two smaller batch and continue the steps above until you single out the troublemaker!

Closing Notes

Hopefully by now your Nether farm is now fixed and functional as expected.

This guide is made by Paper Chan as she grew tired of people accuing her of breaking their Nether farms.

If you still have problems after going through every step above and your farm works in vanilla server, drop by, or return to, paper-help channel for additional assistance.

Thanks to ZombieChuckenMan for editing suggestions and grammar fixes. <3

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