Paper Chan’s Little Guide to self-host an Epic Minecraft server!

This guide is totally not an excuse to expose more people to paper chan

Introduction / Background

Hello there! You are here because your parent refused to rent a Minecraft server for you and you still want to play with your friends using your personal computer as a host but you literally have no idea what you are doing and do not know where to start. Luckily, this guide is designed for the beginner who knows literally nothing about Minecraft hosting!

Last updated: January 21, 2022


In order to help guide you through this entire process, please make sure you meet all the requirements listed below.

  • You have basic reading skill, understand English, and able to follow instructions given without difficulities.
  • You have administer access on your personal computer.


Please follow the instructions given 100%. It is crucial that you do not skip any step!!

Install JAVA

  1. Head over to Amazon Corretto Download Page
  2. Ensure you pick on the correct one for your OS is selected then click on Latest Release.
  3. One download is complete, double click the file to start the installer.
    (File name may be different than yours, I got lazy to change lol)

  1. Follow the instruction and hit Next when asked.
  2. On Custom Setup, select Set JAVA_HOME variable > Will be installed on local hard drive.
  1. Finish up the install and close the window.
  2. Verify JAVA has been successfully installed by open Start Menu then enter “cmd

  3. Click to open Command Prompt / PowerShell then enter “java -version
    It should return the following output or similar indicating 1.17.x is installed.

Create your Minecraft folder

  1. Find a suitable location to create your Minecraft root folder.
    This is where all the server file will be generated and stored.
    (If you have OneDrive Sync enabled, DO NOT put your Minecraft folder in the synced area to avoid possible issues…
    Default folder for OneDrive Sync is Desktop, Documents, and Pictures)
    Right click anywhere > Create New Folder

  2. Inside the Minecraft Folder, right click anywhere > New > Text Document
    Name the file eula > open eula.txt file > enter eula=true > save and exit


    (This means you read and understand Mojang’s End User License Agreement)

Create startmc.bat

  1. Head over to
  2. Under filename, enter server.jar
  3. Select Basic (Windows) on script type dropdown menu
  4. Under RAM amount enter a suitable amount (in this example 2000M)
    (Please note that if you also want to play Minecraft on the same PC that you host it, you will need to account for the system RAM usage plus Minecraft client and whatever else you got running. It is best to check by opening the Task Manager and see your total free RAM amount)

  5. Once all above options are filled in, scroll down to the end of page > Click Download > Select Keep if Google Chrome is giving you a warning.

  6. Move the startmc file into the Minecraft root folder you made on pervious section.

Download Paper

  1. Head over to
  2. Select the latest Build to download. (You should always use the latest Paper as it contains optimizations and bug fixes)

  3. Select Keep if a warning pops up.
  4. Once download is complete, move the Paper-1.18.1-xxx.jar file into the same Minecraft root folder you made earlier.
  5. Rename the paper file to server
    (If you have file extension enabled, it will be paper.jar > server.jar)
    (This way you do not have to change your startmc file every time you update your paper server)

Launch Paper Server

  1. It’s time to launch your Paper server! Let’s do a final check!
    If all steps above are followed, your Minecraft root folder should look like this…

    (If it does not look like this, go back to first step and see what you have missed…)
  2. Double click startmc to launch the server!

  3. A Command Prompt window should show up and once it is finish patching, you should see Done (1.165s)! or something similar then your server is successfully launched!

Join server locally

  1. Launch Minecraft Client > Mutiplayer > Add a server and enter localhost as Server Address and join!

Closing Notes

Hopefully you find this guide helpful to launch your server and please redirect any additional question to #paper-help channel on the official PaperMC Discord. The real fun part begins if you need to setup port forwarding for your friends outside of your home network to connect but that’s a can of worm that I do not want to open today. Your best bet is search on Google with “your router model number + how to port forward” as keyword. Good luck!

If you have any suggestion for improvements, please reach out to me on Discord @EterNity or email me at [email protected] Thank you again!

Helpful Links

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