Paper Chan’s Little Guide to Minecraft Client optimization!

Another attempt to expose more people to paper chan

Introduction / Background

Here are a few client side mods that aim to improve vanilla gameplayer experience and is highly recommended for users who would like to have the best gameplay experiences possible.

Last updated: March 1, 2022

Table of Contents

Install JAVA

  • Initial Setup
    • Install JAVA following these steps (you can ignore the rest of that post)
    • Please note that JAVA17 is the latest LTS and is recommended (required to run 1.18).

Install MultiMC

MultiMC is an open sourced launcher for Minecraft that provides convenient version, modpacks, and profile controls, it is a lot easier to use among with mods especially for beginners.

Alternatively, you can install Fabric Loader onto Vanilla Launcher but it is not recommended.

Step 1.
Create a root folder for MultiMC

Step 2.
Extract the file into the folder created

Step 3.
Change and verify the Path and extract files

Step 4.
Open the Folder

Step 5.
Locate MultiMC
Double click to launch

Step 6.
On Windows warning,
click on More Info

Step 7.
Click on Run Anyway
Follow the installation steps

Step 8.
Login via top right corner
Manage Accounts

Step 9.
Add Microsoft Mojang account accordingly.

Step 10.
Click Add Instance (1.18)
Then Edit Instance

Step 11.
Under [Version]
Click on [Install Fabric]

Step 12.
Under [Loader Mods]
Click [View Folder]

Step 13.
[Launch] the game with mod loaded! (Instruction below)

Obtain Optimization Mods

Please ensure you download the correct jar file for your mod loader Fabric & Forge are not interchangeable.

Be sure to match Minecraft version as well. A 1.18.1 Mod will only work for 1.18.1.

Please ONLY download the mods from the trusted official sources and reputable developers!

Click on each mod title to get to the download page!

Mods are updated on different paces, be sure to check each page and only download the one that are updated to your Minecraft version and for FABRIC only.

  • Fabric API (REQUIRED)
    • Fabric API is needed in order for most mods to function.
  • Sodium
    • Modern rendering engine and client-side optimization mod for Minecraft
    • This mod possibly provides the most performance boost.
  • Sodium Extra
    • Additional addons to Sodium.
    • Ability to remove fogs (Mojang makes the fog circular and it is pretty noticeable and annoying!)
  • IRIS Shaders
    • A shader mod that works with existing ShadersMod/Optifine shaders.
  • Starlight
    • A better light engine aiming to fix vanilla light issues and chunk border lags.
  • Lithium
    • Game logic/server optimization mod.
  • LazyDFU
    • Makes the initialization of DataFixerUpper “lazy”, making the game start more quickly
  • Hydrogen
    • Reduce the memory usage.
  • Krypton
    • A mod to optimize the Minecraft networking stack
  • Dynamic FPS
    • Improve performance when Minecraft is in the background.
  • Indium
    • An add-on to Sodium.
    • This addition is required for Enhanced Block Entities to function.
  • Enhanced Block Entities
    • Reduce FPS lag with block entities, as well as customize them with resource packs
      (See note above)
  • Entity Culling
    • Optimize tiles/entities rendering
  • Cull Leaves
    • Optimize leafs
  • No Fade
    • Remove transition animation

Special Thanks to broccolai & EEstar & Camar & Puremin0rez for additional suggestions.

This is the end of client optimizations.
Everything below is gameplay enhancements and is optional.

Special Section for Clear Glass Lovers

For those who love their glass clear!

Fabric Mod:

Resource pack:

Ensure you have these three options selected in your resource pack menu.

Special Thanks to _11 for additional suggestions.

Quality of Life & Gameplay Enhancement Mods

The additional Mods suggested here would bring more gameplay enhancements to the table; however, some players consider this as unfair gameplay advantages.

For me personally, I do not mind the enhancements as I think it brings conveniences and fixes certain issues in vanilla that makes the game harder for beginners… I will leave it to you to make your own judgement about these mods!

Please note that the mods listed below is my personally curated list of mods that I use.
They may introduce a performance hit. Do not use them if your hardware is dated or on a budget rig.

Any mod listed as dependency means that it is required for the mod mentioned to function.

Always check for updates on the mods you install for possible bug fixes and more performance boost!

Special Thanks to Blue A10 for additional suggestions.

Shaders for Iris

Here are some popular shaders and some of my personal favorites.

Resource Packs

Here are some popular Resource packs suggestions (Mainly for connected textures and glasses)

For those advanced user who want to use an alternative launcher that makes manage different versions of Minecraft easier, please check out MultiMC.

Closing Notes

This guide is aim to be as simple to follow as possible, please reach out to EterNity if you have any suggestions on improvements and adding additional mods to the list. Thank you very much!