Name is EterNity or commonly known as Yellow by others. As someone who enjoys old school MMOs, it has always been my goal to create a community that would foster great discussions and provide a sense of a unity to many who may call this place home. With the rapid growth of Island community, I hope to meet more people and do more great things together!


My name is Lax, aside from watching anime and playing games, I draw cute arts and fanarts of my favorite characters and vtubers. I am currently acting as one of the main artist of the humble Discord Server called, Island of Eternity. I’m the one who’s incharge of Seasonal Server Banners, original Emojis and many more. Nice to meet you!


Hi Hi, I’m Niome~ I enjoy playing Games, watching Anime, doing Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation Rigs! I’m mainly handling Animations for the Community, i hope we can be friends along the way as the Community grows!~


Ore wa kimi no sensei desu。Mieshin, or just Mie. Veteran member of the Island. A casual gamer and anime enthusiast. I’m just new to teaching Japanese and is learning with our community. If you’re interested to learn and study to become a full pledged weeb, come join us. Yoroshiku!