Hello I’m Lax and I’m here for a quick information and showcase about my art commissions.

Bust Commission

My 3rd Fanart of Ichinose Uruha a Vtuber from LVG

Most common art commission and it’s mostly use as a profile picture on any social media, even gaming platforms such as Steam. Here’s some preview what it looks like on Discord and Steam.

Emoji Commission

I draw emojis mainly for Discord but if you’re a streamer who uses Twitch as streaming platform this is also good for you! A personal set of emojis!

Half Body Commission

My Fanart of Ch’en from the mobile game ‘Arknights’

Gamers with high level on Steam always have a Half Body anime character as their main Artwork Showcase and some of them are also animated. But other than that there’s one more way to use Half Body commissions. Phone Wallpaper. Here’s some examples.

Full Body Commission

My own version of Phos from the anime Houseki no Kuni. Also the old mascot of my main Discord Server ‘Island of Eternity’

There’s nothing much to say here, but Full Body commissions are mainly for merchandise, for example body pillow etc. And one more thing, Live2D. Aiming to be a Vtuber? I can help you design a character!

Commission Forms

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I also have a YouTube Channel! This is the New Year banner I made for the Island, I really want to do more of this so if you want to see more feel free to subscribe! 😀

Thank You for reading!