Neighbors! – An 1.17 Release!

We are excited to introduce our upcoming 1.17 map and I hope you are as excited as we are! Many of you may already know that the original 1.17 patch has been splitted into two parts with the new blocks/goat being delivered in June and the entire world generation change has been pushed back to December. We’ve come up with a themed event for those who want to experience 1.17!

Starting today, you can join for a brand new map but here is the catch! Aside from all the usual no griefing rules, we’d like to add an extra rule for this new map and that is “Your base has to be connected to your neighbor”

The main theme is Neighbors and I would like to see what The Island community can come up with when we all work together to build on this brand new 2k by 2k canvas while we wait for the 1.18 to come by in late 2021.

With this update, we’re introducing new features such as…

  • Playerhead as collectibles – for those who like to occasionally cut their friend’s head off for decoration in the living room.
  • Marriage – for those who want to marry their bestest homie in Minecraft (Oh you also get a bonus warp!)
  • New in-game Gacha – Too poor to gach in other game? Just mine diamond and play the Casino in game!
    • To be added this coming weekend!
  • Custom Portals – Player be allowed to make their own portals between bases and across worlds.
  • Discord Integration – Stay connected outside of Minecraft client. #minecraft is now bridged with the in-game chat.
  • Live Map – a 3D render of the world live right on your browser! Track your friend’s movement in real time just like how Facebook and Google do it!
    Access the Map here!

General Gameplay FAQs

We’ve made some adjustments to the existing features we have to be better fitted with the new themed map

  • TPA, Random Teleport / Warp has been disabled. We’d like to encourage players to explore the map by foot plus the new map is very small and walkable.
  • Lane claim has been reduced to one chunk (16×16 blocks) It should be used to store your most personal items that you would not want to lose. Your land will also be shown on the Live Map so people know where you live!
    (Usage: /lands help & /land claim)
  • Custom portal can be built with 20 wools, 2 sign, and 2 pressure plate. (See in game for detail)
  • Chest Shop (refer to in-game guide at spawn or read below)
    Picture Examples Click Me
  • Married couple will gain a bonus couple sethome.
    (Usage: /marry help)
  • Gsit allows you to sit with /gsit command

Additional FAQs

  1. A resource world is accessible for those who need massive amount of resources due to the smaller main map size.
    • The resource world will be reset frequently.
    • The main portal will be located by the spawn region.
  2. All progress on this 1.17 map will be saved and incorporated into our long term survival world when 1.18 comes out (Planned for December)
  3. What happened to the old vanilla world?
    • The old world can still be accessed via
    • All the new features will be backported into the old map in a later date.

Limited Launch Event FAQs

  • 10 Battle Pass vouchers can be found via Casinos and hidden randomly through out the map.
  • 10 Discord Nitro vouchers can also be found via varies locations on the map as well.
  • A build contest will be hosted within the coming month and everyone is qualified automatically.

How to apply

  • Join the Discord
  • Fill up the form in #minecraft_readme channel
  • Ask an admin for review!
  • See you in Minecraft!!

TL;DR 1.17 is OUT! Come join today!