It’s 2021 and January Announcement!

Happy New Year everyone! The year 2021, there will be many challenges ahead of us and, no doubt, it will be difficult. No matter what’s going on in your personal life, I hope this place can provide you the much needed entertainment and to serve as a safe harbor away from the stress in life.

For the Modded Minecraft server members, we’ve finally gotten the approval from CurseForge and now has an official listing of our own custom modpack on the platform. Please take a few minutes to read up the details in the updated post below.

A fully custom modded server is in the planning, with that being said, if you have any suggestions on what mods should be included in the IOE modpack, please let us know in #minecraft_feedback

For those who made a new year resolution in 2019? Did you reach your goal? You can now set the new goal for 2020 on the #2021_new_year_resolution channel!

As a reminder, we will be conducting a role reset for the Islander role of 2021, this is done so we can accurately measure the amount of overall engagement and reward with giveaway accordingly! Don’t be sad if you are busy in life, we, The Island, will always welcome you back with open arms!

Special Announcement!

I am pleased to announce that Lax, our residential Artist, has now open for commissions! Please check out the dedicated page via the link below for more information!
To kick start this big announcement, we’ve prepared 3 artwork giveaways! Head over to #perk_public & #perk_islander on the Discord for more information.

Over the last four years, I’ve witnessed the steady growth of his creative ability, his ability to take ownership of projects, and overall development of his personalities We’ve organized this artwork commission giveaway as our first 2021 announcement. I hope you guys like it!