IOE Modded Minecraft server is now live!

Bored of Vanilla Survival? Island of EterNity now has a Modded Minecraft server!

For those who wanted a different Minecraft experience, you can join our curated modpack made just for the IoE community in our dedicated server starting today!

Below is a detailed step by step guide on how to get everything up and running!

Step 1: head to and download the launcher and install it.

Step 2: Select Minecraft tab

Step 3: Type in “ioe” in search bar and Click “install” then let it do its thing.

(If you’ve previously played the MC eternal, please remove the modpack then redownload)

Step 4: Click on “Play” on the The Forge Launcher. It will then launch Minecraft launcher for you (Vanilla Minecraft launcher need to be installed on your PC). You can verify this by looking at the version as show in the picture below.

Step 5: Go to PLAY > Multiplayers > Add a server > Enter the servers address as follows

Do not Panic when you see the Server List Empty. Forge launch a special Minecraft Session for Modded server and it is separate from your normal Minecraft data. (AKA nothing is lost)

Extra Steps for Low End PC

If you have low end PC (I.E Can barely run Dota2), you can install Optifine to help with additional settings.

Head to and grab the 1.16.5 Latest Release.

My Modpacks > More > Open Folder > Open mods folder> Drops in the Optifine.jar file inside then restart everything!

If you have high end PC (I.E $5000 and a lot of RAM), you can allow the launcher to use more RAM.

Open CurseForge > Setting > Minecraft > Allocated Memory (up to 12GB)

Please report any issue you encounter in #minecraft_feedback

TL;DR IOE Modded Minecraft is now live!