December Community Announcement

I am excited to announce that Island of EterNity will have our very own original character!

Shimagami Rie (Rie or I-chan) will be the face of the community as we moved to create our own identity into the year 2021 – The fifth years of the community. Oh how the time flies…!

You can learn more about Rie by going to the character page here

Festivus Traveler – December Month Long Giveaway

The year 2020 is truly an eventful year with the worldwide pandemic still on-going and a heated US presidential election. More over, with the expected economy recession to follow well into the year 2021, it looks like we just cannot get a break! Many of you may be directly or indirectly impacted by the virus, let it be the lost of family, lost of jobs, or missed milestones in life, the important things is that we are all still here and alive! No doubt, there are rainy day ahead of us but we should treasure what we have and hold dear to the memories of those who we lost.

I am truly grateful that not much of my personal life is impacted by this virus. With that being said I would like to start a month long giveaway to all members of the server. – EterNity


The daily giveaway will run from the time of this announcement to December 31st.

How to Join?

You are qualified through the daily participation of the Discord chat.

The qualify channels include #general #vtuber_general and #genshin_impact

How are the winner selected?

A randomly selected time frame will be posted in #month_of_giving channel and the message owner who’s closest to the selected time will be selected.

Additionally, the winner selected above is able to appoint another member within the server to receive bonus prize.

What are the prize?

Discord Nitro, Discord Nitro Classic, Steam Games, Dota Plus, and Dota skins.

Additionally, A special Festivus Traveler role will be given to those who are lucky enough to win!

Additional Info…

  • The “randomly selected time” will be based on the Eastern Time (UTC-5)
  • If the randomly selected time has multiple winners, the first message will be the winner.
  • The “bonus” prize can only be given to members with over 300 messages to-date on the server to avoid people claiming prize for their own alts.
  • All channels quality for the chat activities aside from #bot_spam
  • All Steam related prizes are subjected to delay depend on Valve’s official Rules.
  • If you would like to sponsor additional prize to the Month of Giving event, please contact EterNity on Discord.

Community Outreach

At Island of EterNity, we are always looking for more ways to reach out to broader audiences and grow our community. However, no amount of advertising beats the word of mouth and here is where YOU come in to play!

For the month of December, I would like to set a goal to reach 7k members. We are currently sitting at 6.1k members and an increase of 900 may sound like a lot; however, if everyone reading this post can convince or kidnap at least one friend to join, we can reach this goal overnight! (We have over 1.8k active participants monthly within the community)

Here is how you can help!

  • For Steam users, you can add “” to the end of your name
  • For Dota players, you can invite the decent player or feeder you encounter in post game screen.
  • For Genshin players, you can tell them we are doing primo gem giveaway.
  • For those weebs, well get more weebs for us they are everywhere!!

For members who put in significant effort on the outreach, they will be rewarded with a honorary role – Community Ambassador

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