The End of TI10 Battle Pass…

The Battle Pass has finally come to an end… It doesn’t feel right without The International tournament but I hope y’all at least enjoy Aghanim’s Labyrinth as I found it to be one of the best event by far.

To combat the slow months typically happens right after the end of Battle Pass, I would like to invite you who are interested in picking up something chill to join us on our community Minecraft server!

If you already own Minecraft and would like to hang out with others in our community server, please send a request in Whitelist Request or in #minecraft_help channel.

However, with the pandemic raging across the globe and many people are facing difficult times with economy downturns. I would like to personally offer a few copies of Minecraft JAVA edition to some of you who may be have the luxury to purchase the game… Please express your interest in #dota_minecraft_giveaway channel on the Discord!

graphic by Sandr

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