October Community Announcement

Q4 2020 Staff Additions…

With the busy Holiday season rapidly approaching, we are pleased to announce following members as new additions to our staff roaster…

Discord Moderators:

☁️ Cloud (295560468028850176)
🙉 EOS (309227494286819328)
⚽ Timy (157546801044389888)
🇵🇭 Illizai (157546801044389888)
🇲🇾 Pommy (268764453959368706)



Egg Event Winner!

yes eggs

Staff Favorites
✔️ Hinarin Spin (118562593320206339)
✔️ abuntony (141222406072041473)
✔️ Sandr (269153839356051463)
Admin Favorites
✔️ DustGrau (433152824659148820)
✔️ Bag (101567894986461184)

Check out their winning entries here!

Island Cup November Signup

The November round of Island Cup tournament will be hosted on November 14th, 2020 7:30PM (GMT+8) and the signup starts today! You can start your registration here.

The prize pool of this round of the event will be $200 and the format is slightly changed. You can get more details on our latest tournament post here. Island Cup Signup

Bored of Dota? Join Minecraft today!

Learn more about our community server here!

Minecraft Giveaway!?

A Spooktacular Halloween 2020!

How to join…

  • Download the lineart Phos here: Phos.png Phos.psd
  • Have fun! Add, colour and edit away but stay SFW!
  • This event is open for everyone no matter if you are a novice or professional artist!
  • Sumbit your work in #spooktacular_entry

Credit to Lax for creating Phos lineart for the event!

Below is an example of Genshim Impact pulls. I mean event entry could look like!

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