Egg Event Winner

Hinarin Spin

Some spiced over easy eggs covered in melted cheddar and a sauteed onion/serrano pepper topping, mixing it all together makes a wonderful sauce from the yolk with a light heat to it. With a side of crispy fried potatoes, some bacon and a tortilla.
For how to cook it, I start with some diced onion (peppers optional), then pan brown/sautee them over a light heat in some olive oil (low to low-medium) till they come out around this color (stirring occasionally to prevent them from burning), it can take a little bit to brown them properly (10-15 minutes), it’s using the maillard reaction to bring out lots of flavor from the onion with that yummy browning
Then I spice that same pan up and coat it in oil or nonstick spray, I use this particular spice, but you can substitute it to something you enjoy (It’s kind of a garlic/steak seasoning/spicy mix to give context to the flavor)
Drop the eggs in with a light (low-medium) heat and add spice as desired on the other side
I flip once the clear white turns opaque, like this
Which gives this sort of color on the underside
Have to be careful not to overcook the yolk at this point, kind of get a feel for it with practice. Hopefully that wasn’t too long, I wanted it to be instructional, I can edit it down to just the final picture if needed.


Fried eggs with way too much salt and pepper. Garnished with some soysauce pork and indomie. Soft boiled eggs are my favorite because it’s yummy. You just soft boil that bad boy to the doneness that you like and boom!


In order to celebrate my GM win, I made scuffed chicks for my little sister. She liked it. My favorite eggs with chicken liver look like vomit and they aren’t tasty, I just eat them for protein.


This will be probably the easiest and simplest egg related dish you can ever do. (Bet everyone has done it in some sort) This is a “Egg dipped meat loaf” How do I do and cook this?
1. Get a meat loaf 2. Slice it into a circles 3. Dip it in beaten eggs 4. Fry it
5. Wait for it to be brownish 6. Serve


How to make: 1. Take two pieces of bread cut a hole in one slice 2. Crack an egg into the hole add salt & pepper 3. Bake in an oven for 5-7mins at 180°C 4. Voilà!