Island’s Mascot Phos!

Island’s Mascot Phos or Phosphophyllite! She’s from the Anime called Houseki no Kuni. If ever you’re wondering why is she so different from the Original it’s because Eternity asked me to draw her on my own style once.

Personally, I don’t really like girls with that kind of hairstyle ( hairstyle of original Phos, ‘coz i have no idea what it is. ) that’s why I was in a slump.

I’m the type of an artist who draw base on my preferences ( pretty selfish huh ). So basically, I love to draw what I like, I don’t give a s*** on what anyone says as long as I’m happy with the results. You see? It’s like, when you see something like this in the chat-

“bruh, srsly? u follow aot? cringe.”

-and you’re just like-


-みたいな? oh sorry wrong keyboard. I meant,

-like this?

Anyways I went Jimmy Neutron. Think, think, think, think. Brain Blast! But no. I didn’t come up with a good idea that’s why I, went to the PP Gods.

Pinterest and Pixiv!

Most of the Phos Fanarts are based on the original design, I was in a verge of giving up that time but I just can’t at the same time. So I went deeper, and deeper until I saw a fanart of Phos drawn in a Short Bob hairstyle. I was like “Waow! Short Bob sure is nice.”

Me, as a Short Bob enthusiast was very inspired and drew some sketches right away because I really like characters with Short Bob hairstyle.

Wait, you’re asking me why?

Simple… because most of them are always getting rejected and we all know that those who got rejected are the BEST GIRLS!

i lOvE eMiLiA. :mockingbob:

Welp, enough with the History and here’s the early version of Phos.

Current Status: Lax is bad.

I’m unsatisfied and decided to step up, and that’s also when Discord introduced the Server Boost feature. I remember Yellow getting so hyped about it that he even gave away Nitro to all staff members to boost the server so we can reach Level 2 to access the Server Banner perks lmao.

This is the very first Island Banner made by. Morgan. This is maybe around June? 2019, I don’t remember na. Tehee~

Current Status: Lax is so bad.

And then when NNN is coming, I decided to make one for that month. Niome did the finishing touches on this one.

And then for Christmas.

And for the New Year!

Chinese New Year!

And even for the Valentine’s Day! This is also the month where I decided to revamp Phos. Idk if everyone can tell the differences from before tho kappa.

Current Status: Lax is still bad.

Afterwards, Minecraft happened. Yellow made an Island Minecraft Server! Eveyone was so passionate about it that even some of them don’t even sleep anymore *cough* EER *cough*.

Easter Season kichaaaaaaaa~~~!

And this is where I started to improve my coloring Skills. Summer Season.

Current Status: Lax is getting worse

After this, Lockdown happened. NO PC GENG! Lax started practicing every single day with his phone and tablet ( yes i draw on phone & tablet 何かな? ) and that’s not it, he fell deeper and became Pekora for a month, studied Hiragana and Katakana.

Lax is trying to be consistent.

New look of phos.

I even made a Character Reference Sheet smh.

And since I have nothing better to do, more chibi and semi-chibi phos.

Current Status: Normal Artist.

Although I still suck, it’s fine. What matters is I’m always satisfied with my finish products.

A good friend once said.


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