Island of EterNity

An online family!

At Island of EterNity, we’ve worked hard to create a community where people can find new friends and meet people with similar interests. Most Important of all – An enjoyable place for people to hang out.

Virtual YouTuber or Vtuber (ブイチューバー) is a trending new phenomena that has taken Japan by storm and has slowly climbing onto the global stage and has shown potential to change the streaming landscape in the coming year! We’ve created a space for those who are passionate and/or loyal followers to discuss and share artworks and memes. Join now…

Minecraft – the all time classic sandbox game. At Island of EterNity, we’ve create and fostered an authentic Minecraft survival experience since 2019. No matter if you prefer to play solo or with groups, we’ve got it covered! Start your survival journey today and leave your mark on our community server!

Dota2 – world renowned MOBA, top earning Esport title, and also the birthplace of Island of EterNity! Started as a Guild that provides a chill place away from the chaos in the public chat, the community made the switch to Discord in 2016. The server is now a general purpose hangout place for players who wish for a friendlier environment. We are over thousands in numbers and growing! Join our community today!

Dungeons & Dragons – the epitome of roleplaying games and the inspiration of many video games of today, and the new installment in the Island of Eternity Community! Opening the island for more gamers of all types, from casual sessions to Adventurer’s League. Enter the adventure, with Island of Eternity’s home-brew campaigns or with the repertoire of other D&D Adventure Campaigns! We welcome all types of players in this community, whether you’re new or experienced.